A Team Approach to Cancer Genetics

Angelina Jolie announced her preventative double mastectomy last year, capturing national attention and raising public awareness regarding genetic risk assessments for cancer.

The Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment Program at Capital Health helps individuals and families understand cancer genetics. The program provides a team of highly trained medical experts, including certified genetic counselors that review family history and assess the likelihood of detecting an inherited predisposition, which may lead to cancer. The risks, benefits and limitations of genetic testing are discussed with patients and involved family members.

"Our team offers counseling and support for individuals seeking answers about genetics and cancer risk. We work with each patient throughout the process—from providing insurance information to one on- one analysis of test results," said Dr. Bernard Grossman, medical director of the program.

To learn more about the Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment Program, visit capitalhealth.org/oncology or call 609.537.7043

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