A New Option to Treat Pain: Center for Comprehensive Pain Management
and Palliative Care Launched

"Patients don't fail therapies, therapies fail patients."

For Dr. Ricardo Cruciani, it’s an important distinction.

“As a physician who specializes in helping patients find relief for complex and difficult to treat pain, it is critical to recognize that what works for one patient may not work for another,” says Dr. Cruciani, director of the Center for Comprehensive Pain Management at its Institute for Neurosciences. “Many of the patients I see have tried many things to eliminate their pain without success. The key is to find what works specifically for them.”

Dr. Cruciani recently joined the Institute to launch a comprehensive program that provides a coordinated effort among a multispecialty team. A board certified neurologist and pain management specialist, Dr. Ricardo Cruciani oversees the evaluation of patients and then develops and coordinates a customized plan of care. Strategies may include medical management, surgical intervention, infusion therapy, psychiatric/ psychological evaluation, physical therapy, and/or social work.

“We help patients take control of their lives,” Dr. Cruciani said. “Rather than just giving an injection or a pill, we take a multidisciplinary approach so that each plan of care is specifically tailored. No single intervention is a magic bullet. We try to understand the psychological, medical, and social elements of each patient’s pain.”

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