Capital Women in Philanthropy Program Grants $33K to Healthcare Programs for 2013

TRENTON, NJ – April 8, 2013 – Capital Women in Philanthropy (CWP), a giving circle at the Capital Health Foundation, which allows women members to provide funds for Capital Health’s local hospital programs, is pleased to announce the four recipients of $33,309 to build programs in 2013.

CWP granted requests for unique hospital programs, such as a training program for therapists to learn techniques to help patients with Parkinson’s disease, devices to help patients with visual problems immediately following treatment for stroke, a car seat safety education program, and formal training for neuro-genetic counseling.

Dr. Jill Farmer, a movement disorder specialist at the Capital Institute for Neurosciences, works with a team of healthcare providers who are trained to care for patients struggling with Parkinson’s disease. The grant funded by CWP will help her provide training for rehabilitation therapists to care for patients with Parkinson’s to preserve function and maintain their quality of life.

Rehabilitation therapists at Capital Health provide care for stroke patients that enhance their function in areas of daily living, thinking and understanding as well as vision. The CWP grant will provide therapists with an elbow continuous passive range of motion machine, allowing patients to get a head start on awareness and function while in bed.

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Trauma Center’s Injury Prevention Program will use their grant to fund their car seat safety education program. Convertible car seats will be provided to victims and families involved in motor vehicle crashes. Additionally, seats will be provided to participants in the Trauma Center’s community education program who are high risk and can not purchase a seat themselves.

Dr. Mitra Assadi, director of Headache Medicine and Pediatric Neurology at the Capital Institute for Neurosciences, received funding to provide specialized neuro-genetic training to Capital Health genetic counselors and also to apply a genetic database for research purposes as part of a program for those who suffer complex neurological disorders caused by genetic diseases.

“Membership in CWP offers women an opportunity to play a more significant role in philanthropy by leveraging their financial support as a group,” said Jessica Besler, interim executive director, Capital Health Foundation. “Furthermore, our members enrich their own lives and the health and wellness of others.”

Capital Women in Philanthropy was established in 2008 to engage women in the Capital Health community, encourage women as philanthropists, to make grants through the Foundation in support of Capital Health programs and services and to empower women to participate in the health and wellness of their community.

Capital Women in Philanthropy has made a substantial financial impact on Capital Health patients and caregivers by providing over $120,000 in grant support since its inception in 2008.

For more information, call 609-394-4121 or visit to learn more about the Capital Women in Philanthropy program.

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