Capital Health Opens New Regional Perinatal Center in Trenton

Level III Neonatal Care for High-Risk Births Moves from Capital Health - Mercer to Regional Medical Center

Capital Health announced the opening of its new Regional Perinatal Center, which includes the region’s only level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for high-risk newborns and deliveries. The Regional Perinatal Center, which was previously located at Capital Health – Mercer, is now located at Capital Health Regional Medical Center.

“At the same time that we’ve been planning and building our new Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell, we’ve also significantly raised the level of care provided at our Regional Medical Center in Trenton,” said Al Maghazehe, president and CEO of Capital Health. “Many people who remember what our hospital was a decade ago when it was called Helene Fuld Medical Center would be surprised at the amazing changes that have taken place here at the hospital we now, more appropriately, call Capital Health Regional Medical Center.”

The Regional Perinatal Center features new rooms and equipment for level III neonatal intensive care, maternal fetal medicine, LDRP (labor, delivery, postpartum), NICU support and on-call rooms for physicians. The center features 15 private patient rooms as well as a seven-bed transitional unit for newborns who are almost ready to move to a nursery and eventual discharge from the hospital.

“Our level III NICU was the first in the country to receive a Joint Commission Disease-Specific Certification for the care of a preterm infant with Respiratory Distress Syndrome,” said Chris Saltzman, Capital Health’s director of Maternal Child Health. “We’re proud to continue providing our nationally recognized care for the most acute, or at-risk, babies in the Mercer/Bucks region right here in Trenton.”

The addition of the Regional Perinatal Center to Capital Health Regional Medical Center is the culmination of a $100 million transformation project to bring the area’s most acute medical services all in one hospital. In addition to the new Regional Perinatal Center, Capital Health Regional Medical Center is also home to the Institute for Neurosciences, the Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center of New Jersey, the region’s only state designated Comprehensive Stroke Center and level II designated Trauma Center, as well as Mercer County’s only psychiatric emergency screening center.

Since 2005, Capital Health has been engaged in a $100 million transformation of its Regional Medical Center that has led to the following newly renovated areas: Grand Lobby (featuring a new gift shop and café), Emergency Department lobby, inpatient mental health unit (all private rooms), intensive care unit (all private rooms), cafeteria and servery, medical residency offices, pharmacy, Institute for Neurosciences and Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center of NJ (including a 26-bed neurosurgical intensive care unit (all private rooms), neurological emergency department – the Center for Neurologic Emergency Medicine, a neuro-dedicated biplane operating room, and administrative offices), the Bristol-Myers Squibb Trauma Center at Capital Health Regional Medical Center (including trauma bays, a 14-bed trauma/medical intensive care unit (all private rooms), and administrative offices), radiology (including a CT scan suite and a Cardiovascular Interventional Radiology (CVIR) suite), laboratory, a 14-bed intermediate care unit (all private rooms), a 36-bed patient care unit (all private rooms), hospital administration and quality risk management offices, and the Regional Perinatal Center.

“The investments we put into place at Regional Medical Center speak to our continued goal of making our state capital the health capital of our region,” said Maghazehe.


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