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Ruptured Aneurysm 
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Staten Island, NY

"I thank Drs. Vez and Liebman and their team for their expertise, diligence, and knowledge in saving me and giving me another chance at life, of which, I will savor every minute."

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Unruptured Aneurysm 
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First NJ Patient to Have an Aneurysm Treated with Glue

"I never felt like I got lost, like you sometimes do –It was such personal care. I would have never thought to come to Trenton. Now, I am so grateful I was brought to Capital Health"

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Father, Husband, Writer, Stroke Survivor
Moorestown, NJ

A 50-year-old marathon runner, and father of two little boys aged two and five and an 18-year-old daughter; Albert Borris was home alone with sons Sam and Jonah when he collapsed on the floor of his kitchen. Roughly forty-five minutes later the babysitter arrived at the house and found him.

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Mother of Three, Third Grade Teacher, Stroke Survivor

“I had never heard of Capital Health before,” Kathy Doyle says. “I’m blessed that I wound up there.”

At 36, Kathy Doyle was experiencing the joys of motherhood for the third time. A third grade teacher, all three pregnancies had been routine physically, and her most recent delivery had been in her words “good and quick.” Ten-year-old Max and seven-year-old Jack were adjusting to being big brothers to 2-week-old Molly.

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“If anything happened to someone I knew, I’d tell them to go to Capital Health.”

Thirty-one years old, engaged to be married, and an employee at Eastern High School in Voorhees, Leanne Leadley had always had headaches. The one she had after leaving work this past March however was different. This headache was so severe should could barely lift her head up and she could feel it in the back of her neck. When she started vomiting, she knew something was wrong.

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