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Capital Institute for Neurosciences Begins Clinical Trial Delivering Chemotherapy Directly to Brain Tumors Starting with Incision in Leg  WPVI  7/11/2014
Bancroft, Capital Health announce partnership  NJBIZ  10/25/2013 
Op-Ed: Michael J. Fox's New Show Keeps Parkinson's Front and Center NJ Spotlight  9/26/2013 
N.J. teen athletes prepare for broader medical screenings  The Star-Ledger  9/23/2013 
Opinion: All NJ should have concussion management programs for student athletes  Trenton Times  8/14/2013 
State's Top Neurologists Suggest Higher Standards For
Comprehensive Stroke Centers
The Star-Ledger 7/21/2013
A Better Road Map for Neurosurgeons  Philadelphia Inquirer  5/5/2013 
Reaching for the Stars: Women in Medicine  Princeton Magazine  5/2013 
Raritan Bay hopes neurosurgeon partnership helps treat more patients  NJ Biz 4/29/2013
White House Challenges Researchers to Unlock Mysteries
of the Human Brain
The Star-Ledger 4/2/2013
Neuroscience Institute Opens Center City Office  Philadelphia Business Journal 3/14/2013
Capital Institute for Neurosciences Opens Location in
Center City, Philadelphia
citybizlist 3/13/2013
Leaders in Care Advance for Nurses  2/2013
A Life-Saving Operation at Capital Health  Trenton Times  12/5/2012 
Princeton University Student Survives Brain Injury  WPVI-ABC Action News  12/4/2012 
Jefferson and Capital in Fierce Competition
for Neurology Patients
Philadelphia Inquirer  12/3/2012 
Dr. Vez on News 12 NJ News 12 NJ 9/2012
Capital Health First to Use Trevo Device         CBS Philadelphia     9/2012
Capital Health Uses New Trevo Device         CBS News     9/2012
Concussions in Sports  Mercer Business 9/2011 
Capital Health Adds Third Brain Surgeon                            Bucks County Courier Times 6/14/11
New Neuro Network - Best Brains  Trentonian 4/26/11 
Neurosciences Network Launched  The Times of Trenton 4/17/2011 
Neurosciences Network Launched  Bucks County Courier Times 4/11/2011
Capital Health Forms Neuroscience Network Bridgeton News 4/9/11 
Dr. Vez Joins AHA Board  TheTimes of Trenton    

Device Removes Clots; Improves Odds After Stroke  

The Times of Trenton  


Capital Health Opens Neuro ER Bucks County Courier Times  2/14/11 
Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center to Use New Device Mercer Business  12/2010 
Capital Health Among First to Use Device Bucks County Courier Times  11/10/10 
Dr. Erol Veznedaroglu Discusses Stroke and Aneurysms CBS 3 in Philadelphia   


Capital Health Uses Glue on Aneurysm in NJ WPVI-ABC in Philadelphia


Treating a Brain Aneurysm with Glue            Bucks County Courier Times 


A Medical First  Burlington County Times  11/9/09

Burlco Woman is Alive Because Brain Glue Fixed
Her Aneursym

Trentonian 10/31/09
The Future is Now                   Mercer Business Magazine 11/2009
Capital Health Neurosurgeon Attends Boston Conference    The Times of Trenton  9/6/09
Stroke Patient's Family Letter to the Editor     The Times of Trenton 7/4/09
Dr. Vez's Interview on NBC's 10! Show NBC-10 in Philadelphia 3/30/09 
Penndel Resident Gets New Type of Treatment  Bucks County Courier Times  1/27/2009 

New System Gives Doctor's a View Into the Brain in
Great Detail

The Times of Trenton 1/10/2009 
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