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CIN Opens New Balance Center

People suffering from a balance disorder may feel lightheaded, dizzy or off-balance. They may feel as if the room is spinning. For sufferers, vertigo is more than an old Hitchcock movie. It can interfere with standing, walking, driving, working and simply enjoying daily activities.

To help, the Capital Institute for Neurosciences has opened a Balance Center, located in the medical office building at Hopewell. The center offers a battery of specialized tests designed to comprehensively evaluate your individual symptoms. Our team includes board certified neurologists, audiologists, and vestibular trained physical therapists. Completion of these tests requires a session of approximately three hours to complete.

Recommendations following this evaluation may include a consultation with a balance specialist and/or physical therapy provided by specialists in vestibular issues, gait and balance. For more information, please call 609-303-4706.

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