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Issue X November 2014

Message from Dr. Veznedaroglu
Journalist Recounts Traumatic Brain Injury as Neuroscience Leaders Advance Science
Neurosurgeon Brings Lessons Home From Battlefield
Capital Health Neurologist Explores Mystery of Autism
Neurosurgeons and Oncologists Present Latest Science on Brain Tumors  


Issue I  March 2013

Message from Dr. Veznedaroglu
Headache Center Offers Non-Drug Interventions
Princeton Football Player Thanks Surgeons Who Saved His Life
Highly Advanced Imaging Lets Capital Health Surgeons
'Map' Brain and Safely Reach Deep-Seated Tumors

Issue II April 2013

Message from Dr. Veznedaroglu
Ask Your Neurologic Questions at “Brain Matters”
After Stroke, Woman Who Made Neurosurgical Medical History Wants To Help Others Get Best Neurologic Care
Pre-Hospital Stroke Alert Protocol Study Launched to Speed Treatment
Capital Institute for Neurosciences Opens Location in Center City, Philadelphia 

Issue III May 2013

Message from Dr. Veznedaroglu
Stroke Month - Learn the Signs and Symptoms
Nation Must Invest in Brain Research, Gingrich Tells NJ Health Professionals
Neurosurgeon Says Change in Stroke Treatment Criteria Needed to Save Lives
Raritan Bay Medical Center Latest to Join Capital Health Neurosciences Network
Concussion Expert Outlines Safety Protocol for Athletes

Issue IV June 2013

Message from Dr. Veznedaroglu
Migraines Prevalent Among Teen Girls
Public Reporting of Outcomes for Interventional Neurosurgical Procedures performed at Capital Health Regional Medical Center, Trenton, NJ (as specified by Joint Commission Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification) 

Neurosciences Notes Biannual Print Edition June 2013

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Issue V August 2013

Message from Dr. Veznedaroglu
Joint Commission Awards Top Comprehensive Stroke Center Designation to Capital Health
Neurologist Trained in Neuropsychiatry to Lead Cognitive Neurology Program
Movement Disorders Program Uses Multiple Approaches for Parkinson's, Tremors

Issue VI October 2013

Message from Dr. Veznedaroglu
Fighting Age-Related Cognitive Decline
Michael J. Fox Advances Parkinson's Community Once Again
CIN Opens Balance Center

Issue VII January 2014

Message from Dr. Veznedaroglu
Near-Death and New Life - Ashley Bowes' Story
Neuro-Oncology Pioneer Joins CIN
CIN Launches Epilepsy and Seizure Disorder Program; Focus on Women

Issue VIII June 2014

NJ Senate President's Dad 'Good as Gold' After Stroke
National Pain Expert Joins Institute
National Study Shows Faster Stroke Diagnosis and Care at Capital Health 

Issue IX September 2014
Message from Dr. Veznedaroglu
New Test Helps in Alzheimer’s Diagnosis
Trial Delivers Chemotherapy to Brain Starting with Leg Incision
Social Worker Provides Support For Patients

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