Charitable Gift Annuities

You have undoubtedly read at least one moving story about a donation to a local hospital by a grateful patient, family member, or friend. No matter the size of the gift, each of these stories is significant. What you may not know is that you may be in a position to make a significant gift to Capital Health and receive guaranteed income for the remainder of your life and, if you so choose, that of your beneficiary's.

Through a charitable gift annuity, you may transfer an asset such as cash, stock, or some other property to Capital Health. The Capital Health Development Office will then invest that asset and pay you a steady and fixed income. Regardless of interest rates or the stock market's performance, your payments are contractually guaranteed.

This steady stream of income, the income tax deduction associated with your contribution, the possibility of avoiding capital gains, and the rate offered by charitable gift annuities—generally higher than the current CD rate—combine to make a charitable gift annuity a convenient and tax-wise way to make a significant gift to Capital Health.

How Does it Work

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