Diabetes & Your Heart

September 30, 2014 This class will examine the link between diabetes and heart disease.

Reading Food Labels & Carb Counting

October 2, 2014 Are you confused by food labels? Do you want to learn how to do carbohydrate counting?

Foot & Skin Care

October 6, 2014 Laura Moran, our nurse educator, will discuss all aspects of foot care, skin care, and provide prevention tips to avoid diabetic foot ulcers.

Stop Using Food to Cope

October 6, 2014 Recognize emotional hunger versus physical hunger and learn specific actions you can take to stop it.

Benefits of Weight Training Flexibility Demonstration

October 14, 2014 Learn about the benefits of weight training as well as safety considerations with Jack Stolte, our exercise physiologist.

Dining Out & Special Occasions

October 16, 2014 Mindy Komosinsky, our registered dietitian/certified diabetes educator, will discuss strategies to help you make food choices that will keep you on the right track.

Diabetes Support Group

October 21, 2014 In this warm, friendly atmosphere, you will connect with others, share ideas, and learn new trends in diabetes self-management.

Exercise Tips for Seasonal Activities

October 28, 2014 Learn about safety considerations in an exercise program during the winter to prevent any complications with Jack Stolte, our exercise physiologist.

Sick Days & Emergencies

November 10, 2014 A sudden illness or emergency can throw your diabetes out of control. Laura Moran, our nurse educator, will provide you with the necessary tools and tips to learn how to care for yourself when you are not feeling your best.

How to Manage Stress Rather than Stress Managing You

November 10, 2014 This workshop focuses on what you can do to get a handle on stress once and for all.
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