Understanding Autism: A Dinner Lecture for School Nurses

November 3, 2014 School nurses are invited to join us for an informative dinner lecture about autism, the signs/red flags, diagnostics and therapies.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: From Diagnosis to Therapies

November 13, 2014

Join Dr. Mitra Assadi, director of Pediatric Neurology at Capital Institute for Neurosciences to learn more about what ADHD is and red flags to look for, how it is diagnosed, and what medical management is currently available.

Caregiving for the Person with Dementia: Facing Challenging Situations

November 22, 2014 Part of the Alzheimer's Association's Annual Caregivers Conference, Dr. G. Peter Gliebus, a fellowship trained Alzheimer’s specialist, will discuss management of challenging behaviors and associated medical and behavioral interventions. 
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